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Munster IN Locksmith Store Munster, IN 219-989-6547Did you know that duplicate blanks for many popular locks are available at rock-bottom prices on the internet? In fact, many thieves and vandals use these blanks to rob houses and commercial properties. It’s a good idea to get locks with high security keys that aren’t easily duplicated. If you’re based in the Munster, IN region and need new locks installed, or want duplicate, call Munster IN Locksmith Store’s locksmiths for immediate assistance. We provide a comprehensive range of locksmithing services.

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Locks that are opened with high security keys are much safer than conventional ones. These keys sometimes have magnets on them that prevent unauthorized duplication. They also sometimes have chips on them with a computer code that must match with the code in the lock to get them to open. Apart from these high-security modern locks, modern electronic locks that work without keys are also a great way to keep your property safe. Not only are they very hard to hack into, they can also be conveniently opened with the touch of a button.

Free security check

If you don’t know whether your property is safe from thieves and vandals, our locksmiths can carry out a free survey of your property. They are experienced professionals and will be able to identify any shortcomings in your security setup. They can offer you a set of alternative locks or can install locks on un-secured areas of your property, like your garage door, which may form an alternative entryway into your home.

Get high-security keys made

If you want high security keys duplicated, you can contact us. We have the expertise and the machinery required to duplicate them, including transponder keys. Transponder keys are equipped with tiny programmable chips that need a special computer to insert an ID into them. We can make you new laser-cut keys in a matter of minutes. If the fob on your transponder key has fallen off, we can replace it with a new one and program it for you.

24-hour availability

Our locksmiths are available to help you with your locks and keys 24/7 in Munster, even during major holidays. We can be contacted for help even in the middle of the night, and we will only charge you a baseline rate for our service. It usually takes us only a few minutes to duplicate most keys, once we arrive on-site.

Do you need high-security keys duplicated, or better locks installed? Call our locksmiths now on 219-989-6547!